UPSI, 25th Feb. 2016 – Realising the importance of taking care of the environment, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) took a brilliant step by signing a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to install two solar panels; with 60kw for each panel, on two buildings of Faculty of Science and Mathematics in UPSI, with BOD Groups of Company which was represented by Solitek Company, a European manufacturer and seller of PV cells and modules with headquarters and production plant in Vilnius, Lithuania. UPSI was the first local university to be chosen for this project by an international company which was based in Malaysia.

The agreement was made between Professor Dato’ Dr. Zakaria Kasa, the Vice Chancellor of UPSI as the representative of the university and Mr. Paulius Kuncinas, the Manager of Solitek Company. This MoA was made as a sign of a joint venture between UPSI and BOD Groups to increase the awareness towards the environment, especially in Green Technology. This CSR project was sponsored by Lithuania’s Ministry of Environment. The installation and maintenance cost will be borne by Solitek Company for 12 months before this project becomes a full-property of UPSI.


In his speech, Mr. Paulius said that he was glad to represent the BOD Groups. Mr. Paulius believes that this project will become a solution to the world’s climate changes and global warming problem. He also hoped that UPSI’s students will do researches and help them to improve this solar panel project. Finally, he stated that he is willing to tell the media about this technology in order to create more awareness; not only for UPSI’s students and staffs, but also to the whole world.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Zakaria in his speech thanked the BOD Groups for choosing UPSI as the first Malaysia institution to collaborate with them and hoped that this project will benefit both parties. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Zakaria stated that this project was worth half of million Ringgit Malaysia for a long term application and will bring benefits to human and environment especially in green technologies. He also hoped that this MoA will continue the progress of collaboration by conducting many more activities such as creating awareness of the importance of the renewable energy and developing strategic partnership in various fields between both parties.

The installation of this solar panel was expected to save half of the cost of electricity usage in UPSI. Besides, it was hoped that this project will create an environmental-friendly surrounding and increase the awareness of UPSI’s staffs and students about issues such as climate changes and global warming.

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