UPSI, 19 January – A total of 285 graduates of Kirkby International College attained their Bachelor’s Degree for Education (Primary Schools) with Honours at the Kirkby International College Convocation Ceremony 2018 which also serves as the final cohort for the UPSI/KIC Franchising Programme.

The President of KIC, Pn. Bismillah Khatoon Abdul Kader, congratulated the graduates for being capable of finishing their studies and hoping that they would strive for even more success by continuing their studies to an even higher degree.

“It is with utmost certainty that today’s accomplishments would be shared along with their (the graduates) mothers, fathers, husbands and wives for it is with their unmitigated support and sacrifices that enables our graduates to further their studies and to turn their aspirations into a resounding success,” she elaborated during the ceremony which was held the Main Auditorium.

She also reminded her fellow educators in the country to constantly remind themselves that future of the coming generation rests in their hands and that they should strive to educate the coming generations regarding the importance of a peaceful environment through the way they communicate their ideologies and world view.

She also added that educators should express their thoughts and advices using persuasion for a gentler approach tend to be much more effective than aggression.


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