UPSI, 2 February – A total of 24 students from Xining High School and Gu Yuan Experimental Primary School, both of which were based in Ning Xia, China, participated in the Winter Camp Programme which was facilitated by the Centre of Language and General Studies along with the Mobility Unit of UPSI.

According to the Director of the Centre, Mr. Sasigaran Moneyam, the programme was held as a pre-promotion for both the centre and the university in conjunction with the execution of the Visit Malaysia 2020 programme.

“Winter Camp aims to promote both UPSI and Malaysia as well as exposing the visiting parties with courses and study programmes offered here in UPSI, particularly at the Centre of Languages and hopefully the participants would serve as a mini ambassador to both carry the image and promotes UPSI and Malaysia to their homeland,” he commented at the Closing Ceremony of Winter Camp 2018.

The ceremony was made official by the Chairperson of the Board of Directors Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Wan Mohd Zahid Mohd Noordin, at the Seminar Room, Faculty of Human Development.

During the 15 day long ceremony which will last from the 21st of January until the 4th of February. The students, along with their five concierge teachers will be exposed to the culture in Malaysia

Among the activities that were held are: Let’s Speak: Language From and Functions Activities, Study Tour to Port Dickson and Putrajaya, Music and Dance Workshop: Malay Drum, Gamelan and Malay Traditional Dance, Learning with Puppetry, Making Traditional Dishes, Batik Drawing and Crafts.



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