TANJONG MALIM, August 7- The New Diploma Student Pledge Ceremony for 2020 was held at the Tuanku Chancellor’s Hall, Sultan Idris Education University. The event was held according to procedures and guidelines (SoP) involving about 800 students. The ceremony began with a prayer reading before continuing with a speech and message by Professor. Dato’ Dr Mohammad Shatar Sabran.

In his speech, Professor. Dato’ Dr Mohammad Shatar Sabran congratulated all the new students for being accepted into Sultan Idris Education University. He also advised the students to use their time here wisely and take this opportunity to be an excellent student.

Furthermore, he shared ways for students on how to become a top student among many other students. The first one is to be excellent academically and morally.

He added “we are talking about the year 2020, not 1980, 1999 or even 2000. We are talking about 2020 and the next 20 years because academic qualifications are part of the conditions under consideration whether you are eligible or not to get a job, then it needs to be sorted out with your morals, personality, and characteristics”


The second one is to have the ability to master more than 3 languages. He added, “English is a must, but you can select any other suitable language as long as you learn more than 3 languages”.

He ended the speech by saying Sultan Idris Education University is expecting the graduates to familiarize themselves with volunteer activities.

After the speech, the ceremony continued with the reading of the student pledge led by the student representative, Muhaimi bin Maslan, a student majoring in English from the Languages and Communication faculty

After the reading of the pledge, the ceremony continued with the handing over of the student commitment agreement from the student representative, Muhaimi bin Maslan to Professor. Dato’ Dr Mohammad Shatar Sabran, Sultan Idris Education University Vice Chancellor. All students were congratulated and welcomed for being a student of Sultan Idris Education University. The ceremony ended with the singing of the song ‘Ibu Kandung Suluh Budiman’ and ‘Cemerlang Bersama’.

Hopefully, the sharing session related to “The Future Graduates” can be implemented by all students so that they can be categorized as Employers’ Dream Graduates when they graduate.


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