By: Dr. Nurul Akmal Mohamed (EDGE UPSI)

On March 16th, 2023, the Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) held a highly anticipated roadshow for its students to interact with the staffs of Entrepreneurial Development and Graduate Employability Centre (EDGE).

The event, which took place at Bitarasiswa from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., was attended by representatives from various student organizations, including the  Student Representative Council (MPP), Majlis Mahasiswa Kolej Awang Had Salleh, Kelab Keusahawanan, Kelab Bola Keranjang, English Language Society, Continental Student’s Association, Pembimbing Rakan Siswa UPSI, Persatuan Bahasa Arab, Persatuan Diploma Pendidikan Awal Kanak-kanak, Majlis Anak Johor, Persatuan Mahasiswa Matematik UPSI (PMMU), Persatuan Pengurusan dan Ekonomi Fakulti Pengurusan dan Ekonomi (PPEFPE)

The roadshow was designed to offer students the opportunity to learn more about EDGE’s organizational structure, functions, and entrepreneurial programs available to them, including those that can help them with graduate employability.

EDGE’s top management, including Dr. Siti Shuhaida Shukor, Dr. Nurul Akmal Mohamed, and Dr. Nadratun Nafisah Abdul Wahab, were present to deliver informative talks and answer any questions students may have had.

Dr. Siti Shuhaida began the event by providing a detailed overview of EDGE’s role in supporting student entrepreneurship and graduate employability.

She explained that the center is committed to providing students with the necessary tools and resources to market themselves and pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.

She also highlighted the importance of entrepreneurship in Malaysia’s economic development and how EDGE is working towards contributing to the country’s growth.

Dr. Nurul Akmal then gave a talk on the Graduates Tracer Study (SKPG) and the various initiatives the government has put in place to assist students with finding employment, using platforms such as MYSTEP and MYPROTEGE.

She emphasized the importance of having a well-crafted resume when applying for jobs, and how the initiative by SOCSO including the MYFutureJobs platform can help those actively looking for employment.

The talk was insightful and engaging, with students asking questions and seeking advice from Dr. Nurul Akmal Mohamed.

The last slot of the event was presented by Dr. Nadratun Nafisah Abdul Wahab, who discussed EDGE’s entrepreneurial programs, which offer a host of opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in entrepreneurship.

She highlighted the University to Community (UTC) program, which has been hosted by UPSI every year, as well as other yearly competitions like COMPETE, DICE, and INTECH.

She also mentioned that the center has helped student in winning the PROGRAM TAIKUN MUDA TV ALHIJRAH, and actively manages entrepreneurial kiosks and bazaars. Dr. Nadratun Nafisah’s talk was inspirational, and students were eager to learn more about the various opportunities available to them.

Apart from the informative talks, the roadshow also featured exciting prizes and lucky draws, which kept the audience engaged throughout the event.

In addition, there were several games available, including chess, golf, dominos, scrabble, congkak, and carrom.

These activities provided an opportunity for students to interact with each other and form new connections.

The roadshow was a great success, with students expressing appreciation for the opportunity to interact with EDGE’s staffs and learn more about the center’s programs and initiatives.

Many of the students who attended the event left feeling inspired and motivated to pursue entrepreneurship and explore the various opportunities that are available to them.

During the roadshow, many students and staff members shared their thoughts on EDGE’s programs and the event itself.

One of the students who attended the event, Ahmad Safwan Abdul Samad, a member of the Student Representative Council, shared his positive experience, saying the roadshow was an eye-opener while UPSI had so many entrepreneurial programs available for students.

“I am grateful to EDGE for organizing such an informative event, and I hope that they will continue to host more of these in the future,” he said.

Another student, Mohamad Ikhwan Ramli, also a member of the Student Representative Council, expressed his appreciation for the EDGE’s efforts in supporting graduate employability.

“I think that EDGE is doing a great job in assisting students with finding employment after graduation. Dr. Nurul Akmal Mohamed’s talk on the Graduates Tracer Study was particularly informative, and I will definitely be taking her advice on how to create an eye-catching resume.”

One of the staff members who attended the event, Marina Awang Ahmad, the Senior Assistant Registrar of EDGE, shared her thoughts on the importance of such events as a staff member of UPSI, she delighted to see students taking an interest in entrepreneurship and graduate employability.

“It is vital for them to gain practical experience and develop their skills to become successful in their careers,”

“Events like this help to raise awareness of the opportunities available to them and inspire them to achieve their goals.” says her

Overall, the roadshow was a fantastic initiative by EDGE, UPSI. It provided students with a platform to learn more about entrepreneurship and graduate employability and inspired them to pursue their aspirations.

The event was a testament to UPSI’s commitment to providing students with the necessary tools and resources to succeed in their chosen careers. It is events like this that will help UPSI continue to produce successful and innovative graduates who will make significant contributions to Malaysia’s economic development. – ePena

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