Prof Aminah bergambar kenangan bersama Ibu Yetty selepas sesi Istiadat Konvo UPSI ke -19

UPSI, 24 October – Dr. Yetty Rahelly,55, also known as ibu Yetty, was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Early Childhood Education on the first day of the 19th Convocation Ceremony which was held at the Tuanku Canselor Hall.

Ibu Yetty was accompanied by her husband and a specialist doctor as she is undergoing a treatment which forces her to bring along an oxygen aid, to receive the much coveted scroll from Her Royal Highness Tuanku Zara Salim, who serves as the Chancellor of UPSI.

Her supervisor, Professor Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Aminah Ayob spoke, Ibu Yetty was one of the lecturer at Sri Vijaya University, Palembang, Indonesia, and she had registered as a PhD student back in 2009.

“For 4 years straight Ibu Yetty went back and forth from Palembang to UPSI and by that time she was already diagnosed with diabetes, but she managed conceal it her ailment. It wasn’t until 2013, when she had already finished collecting the necessary data for her research in several locations in Malaysia and Indonesia that her studies had to stall for a year due to her deteriorating health. She had to endure dialysis treatment three times per week and it is difficult for her to travel back and forth to UPSI. So I decided to go to Palembang and helped her analyzing the data from her research. She finally completed her thesis in 2016, but she had to have her legs amputated and also face several other complications that she has to endure,” she added.

Even though the hardships are overwhelming for the beholder, it is nowhere near the pain the bearer had to endure. Ibu Yetty is also slated to undergo an operation to remove excess liquid in her lungs. Despite all of the challenges, Ibu Yetty still manages to fight for her long coveted scroll.

“The spirit and incredible persistence that Ibu Yetty has shown is a benchmark example every student needs to strive for. Every effort that was sprinkled with sincerity will sure bring success and blessed by Allah S.W.T.

Dr. Yetty immediately rushes to Kuala Lumpur following the event to undergo another dialysis treatment. Despite this, she managed to give an outpour of appreciation to the staff of UPSI and added that she would like to be an active alumni of the institution.

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